Sunday, February 16, 2014

April 2014 Planner Pages

I have complete April 2014 pages!
I did change some things though thanks to a suggestion by Regena.  Her suggestion actually made sense to me and I think it will work more for me.  I made the "To Do" section a bit bigger than the time section.  I found that I didn't need that much space for my appts but my writing on the  to do list took up more room.  I added a blank space before and after the times to allow for those of you whose days start earlier.  My day does start earlier than 7am but I don't write any of it down because it is automatic - but why limit myself.  I know I have had to get up for 6am events before (ie travelling, school functions).  I did leave the "Prayers" part because that is something that I definitely find myself working on in my continuous walk with Christ - so it is a reminder for me.  But I added "Thoughts" because I sometimes like to add quick reflection of my day.
What do you think?
Here are the details for the printables:  These fit in a Classic sized Franklin Covey Planner or DayTimer.  They print out on 8.5 x 11 paper, double-sided and cut in half.  
This is a free printable for your personal use - NOT for sale.  If you share this with others please direct them or link back to my blog.  I appreciate it greatly!
You can download April 2014 Daily Planner pages here.
You can download April 2014 Monthly Planner page here.

Gracias for hanging out with me!

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  1. I miss the larger spaces in the time area. Love the blank time slots, but I write kinda large and I have multiple things that happen sometimes, more often than you would think.. Love the column changes. Printing April as I type.


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