Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lilo and Stitch Tags

So someone asked me if I would also post the Lilo and Stitch Tag I made for this project here.
Sure. Why not?
I changed it so that it's generic for you to to print.
Again - if you would like to use it, you can add it to a Word document or Photoshop or whatever you feel comfortable using.  It is a .jpeg so you can resize it however you want. Just click on it, then right click and save to your computer.
I added a bunch on Publisher.  I printed and straight cut them first.  
Then, I chopped the corners with my Crop o'Dile corner chomper.  That way, I could do a bunch of corners at the same time.
Please don't steal it and sell it.  Use it, share it, but please do not claim it as your own.  If you did use it, I would appreciate if you left me a comment of how you used it.  If you share this with others please direct them or link back to my blog.  If you have any questions, just let me know. 
Thanks for hanging out with me.

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  1. Hey I love the idea I wanted to use it for my baby shower ❤️❤️


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