Saturday, April 6, 2013


Ok - so here's the story with the title of this post and the card below -
I work at a preschool.  So during a child's birthday, a parent will usually bring in cupcakes or some kind of treat.  On one little girl's birthday, the parent brought in storebought cupcakes.  Jan, who is the wonderful teacher I work with, and I were raving about how good the cupcakes from this particular store were.  We talked about how fresh they were, blah blah blah... The parents also brought in pizza and with the yummy garlic butter.  After they left, Jan ate her cupcake and meanwhile, I enjoyed my pizza with garlic butter.
As I walked around the classroom to make sure the kids weren't making a ginormous mess, I looked at one of the kid's cupcakes.  He had licked all the icing off of it and had taken a very small bite.  I looked at his cupcake and noticed something inside of it move.  He said, "What is that?"  I nonchalantly picked up the cupcake and said "Oh nothing.  It's just from the icing."  As I walked away, I hear him tell his little friends at his table, "It looked like a worm."
I told Jan, "Don't freak out but look inside this cupcake."  Inside was the fattest maggot! 
Jan almost threw up!
Needless to say, we walked around grabbing everyone's cupcakes (we just told them they were full because they ate pizza too and we didn't want them to get stomach aches).  We called the parent's (They were absolutely mortified and they ended up getting a full refund from the store).  Jan was seriously gagging.  She asked me why I wasn't gagging (It was because I threw my cupcake away.  Thank God I was enjoying my garlic buttery pizza).
It wasn't funny that actual day, but the couple of weeks after it was pretty funny.  We joked about it.
So then it is Jan's birthday - and what do I do? 
Exploit the situation of course!
(Understand that I would not do this if she didn't have a wierd sense of humor like I do - so it was cool!)
Here is my card in all of it's gross glory!  I also made a cake to match which is behind it.  You can see it better in the following pictures, but lets talk about the card first.
I used a cut file by Bird.  She is awesome for having so many cut files for FREE! 
Show her some love. 
This is a super cute, cute, cute, cute cupcake file.  I cut the base out with SU Basic Black. The wrapper is SU Taken with Teal and the Pink is SU Pink Piroutte.
 If you take a closer look, you can see a "maggot" sticking out from it.  It is the end of the snake from SU Zoofari on a scrap of green.  I did in green because the maggot in the chocolate cupcake had this light greenish color.  It was DIS-GUS-TING! Seriously. 
 I even added some glaze to it to make it look shiny.  Hahahaha!  The "Got Maggots" I printed on my comptuer and used a circle punch.
The next pic is the top of the cake whick I covered in yummy sour gummies.  Sorry about the pix.  It was late at night when I finished it.
Needless to say, she loved the cake and the card - of that, I am extremely happy. 
That was the whole purpose - to make her laugh.  Even her husband, who was there, laughed!
Challenges entered:
Sentimental Sundays Challenge #148 - Shaped Cards (plus a sentiment).
Through the Craftroom Door - Anything Goes
Gracias for hanging out with me!

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  1. OMG - what a story!! The title caught my eye in the SCS gallery and I had to come see what it was about. Awesome job on the cake and the card!


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