Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teacher's Pen & Pencil Holder

This is the last teacher gift I will post for now... I have some new stuff that I made for the teachers this year, but they can work as a gift for anyone any other time so I will post those later.  This project is teacher specific.
 This is a terra cotta pot I painted with acrylic paint.  The bottom does look like chalkboard paint but it is just black acrylic too.  I used a white paint pen as the "chalk".  I know I have seen this on pinterest lately but I made this before I was on pinterest.  This idea actually cam from a friend who recieved one like it as a gift a few years ago.  Hers was similar but it had some grassy and other details I was not attempting.  The next few pictures are what each side looks like.

 One of the words says "Shakespeare" because my son's teacher taught the class a lot about Shakespeare, as you can tell from my previous posts.

 I filled the inside with some rocks I bought from the Dollar Tree.
 The pens  were filled with random DP.
The next two pictures show how I packaged it.  Just a clear bag wrapped in ribbon and it also has a wooden book tag that I got from my friend who was a florist.

 Gracia for hanging out with me!

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