Friday, February 22, 2013

I know Valentine's Day is Over but...

Ok so yes - Valentine's Day is over.  It actually flew by in my house because we were planning and getting ready for a 50 miles canoe trip down the Suwanee River with our Boy Scout Trip.  Yes, I said 50.  It was tiring, awesome, and amazing.  It would've been much better if we didn't have freezing temperatures at night and in the mornings. 
So, I crafted Valentiney things and could not blog them because I had no time whatsoever.  So I am posting them now...and in the day and age of Pinterest - you can pin them to your Valentine board for future reference if you like them. :-)
So first a project I did with my class last year and made again this year.
 This is a cute Valentine frame made from matte board (the stuff that you use to matte pictures in picture frames).  They sell the boards in the framing department at Michaels/Joann's/AC Morre.  They were die cut in a heart shape.  I had the kids add their fingerprints with red acrylic paint.  On this frame the child has bunny ears which match with the sentiment below.
 On the next one, the child is with a stuffed "bug".
 This one matches with the other sentiment below.
 The yarn is that really soft, fuzzy yarn you can get from your local craft store.
I do have more to post, but I have to go for now!  Gracias for hanging out with me!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the cute idea! Will be doing it again next year.


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